Art is a way to worship eternity, a way to understand the meaning of being and a way to know the fundamentals of life. Art is a way to find bliss.
An Absolid is an emotion. An inner feeling. The medium of expression is a three dimensional space. Absolids is a spatial artpiece, converted into a visual. An Abstract Solid Space.

There is a very interesting process of conceiving an Absolid. First, it starts with an emotion. A provocation of mind, an idea. A software simulation of a three dimensional space is conceived resulting into the realisation of the idea in a rough form. Multiple layers of multiple solids, scopes and depths are built accordingly giving justice to the space created in that absolid. Lines, curves, surfaces, patterns and various innumerous processes are underwent to create the desirable three dimensional structural base of every Absolid.

Then, the entire ecosystem is taken on a platform where rendering of that space is performed. The absolids undergo photography with multiple cameras in this software to obtain the desired color, material, finishes, lighting, environment, perspectives, textures, patterns. Cameras are set accordingly to maintain ratios, depths and angles. The Absolids are carefully rendered in a very high resolution format and frame achieving a density of more than a 1000 pixels per inch. If needed, multiple renderings are done. Surreal ray-bounces are assigned to every material in order to get a more three dimensional structure visually.
Lastly, the renderings are processed on 2d processing platforms giving it a deep thought about what material it is to be printed upon. May it be Canvas, an Aluminium foil, a Gold Plated surface or a handmade paper, the Absolids are thought through results of all the processes which are to be followed by.
The realisation of the emotion is the final step, the producing. Using the best and premium materials, best printing techniques and methods, the absolids are produced. The machines which are used to produce these artpieces cost way more than a million Dollars. The idea and the process combined together create the value for the emotion one relates seeing an Absolid, making absolids one of a kind artpieces in the World.